Hi! I'm Ev. I'm looking for a tech job.

I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Dance from New York University. I've worked at New York Magazine, Apple Computer, and as a freelance technical writer + developer. Right now I work at a Levi's store in Chicago, IL, before that I worked at a restaurant in Fayetteville, NC.

I'm interested in building decent(ralized) social networks using Node.js.

I'm the author of Navigate Node.

Use Decent, LinkedIn, or ev@evbogue.com to communicate with me.

Code Projects

Decent - a decent(ralized) social network for business and development. Why? I've always wanted a social network on my website to communicate with the people who visit my website via the Internet. How? Decent is a secure-scuttlebutt altnet, with a built-in lite client, developed using Node.js. Git - Decent

Minbay - a simple as possible lite-client for secure-scuttlebutt. Why? Minbay is the simple-as-possible lite client that I maintain to interface with the ssb development network. How? Minbay is built using Hyperscript and depends on Dominic Tarr's Patchless ssb user interface library. Git

Starboard - a terminal client for secure-scuttlebutt. Why? Sometimes you want to print distributed social network posts to your terminal, for fun! How? Starboard is a collection of functions you can run on your terminal to render secure-scuttlebutt posts using markdown and chalk. Git

Evbogue.com - my static blog. Why? When I was learning Node.js in early 2012, I experimented with a lot of static website generators. Metalsmith turned out to be one of the best tools for the job. How? Built with Metalsmith and Reserva and rendered using Node.js. Can I use your blog? Sure, I've packaged up Metalwork to easily deploy a static website using Node.js. Git


This is Decent: ?